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Enjoying our summer holidays can give us a boost for the whole year. Here we have tips from writers and health experts on staying safe, happy, and healthy this summer. 

" Summertime can be filled with fun, but the season can also bring its own set of challenges and health concerns. In these features you’ll find everything from the best suncreams and hay fever treatments to tips on how to sleep in a heatwave, drink safely, and enjoy the school holidays."

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Dr Krishna Vakharia

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Our features give practical advice on staying safe and healthy in summertime. We have helpful information on suncreams, heatwave advice, sun drinking and staying hydrated. We also look at managing hay fever and asthma, enjoying the school holidays, coping with summer anxiety or blues, and delicious summertime recipes.
Hay fever: How to cope with a 'pollen bomb' during a heatwave

Hay fever: How to cope with a 'pollen bomb' during a heatwave

Very high levels of pollen as a result of hot, dry weather can cause problems for hay fever sufferers.

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